Equipment for Hire


Our products are new and modern and have been sourced from leading manufacturers with known reputations for delivery of high quality equipment. At Darwin Hire, our products and services can offer DIY through to small-medium projects or larger construction sites with the equipment that is right for any job.

Operators manuals and service log books are supplied with all of our access equipment including a copy of risk assessments, depending on your site requirements. If this is needed for other equipment, we can tailor to your needs, and upon request will supply.

Equipment FOR HIRE


•  Compressors (electric/petrol/diesel)  •

•  Scissorlifts  •  Boomlifts  •  Cherry Pickers  •  Telehandlers  •


• Demolition saws  •  Cement mixers  •  Floor grinders  •  Trowelling machines •   

 •  Jackhammers (pneumatic/electric)  •  Core drilling equipment  •  Floor saws  • 

•  Brick saws  •  Masonary drills  •

Plate compacters • Rollers • Vertical Rammers

Excavators  •  Bobcats/Mini Bobcats  •  Kanga Loaders  •  Vacuum Trailers


Diesel/Petrol Generators

Tippers • Trenchers • Kanga Loaders • Lawn mowers • Whipper Snippers • Irrigation Trenchers • Chainsaws • Polesaws

Scaffolding • Ladders • Trestles & Planks

Submersible pumps • Trash Pumps

Forklifts • Pallet Jacks • Duct Lifters • Engine Cranes

Variable Message Boards • Traffic lights • Temporary Fencing • Bollards

Various power tools

Box Trailers • Cage Trailers • Plant Trailers • Tandem Trailers

Mig Welders • Stick Welders • Diesel Welders

Mobile Coolrooms • Ice Machines